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Lillian Crombie (founder and chairperson)
Lillian Crombie

Lillian Crombie is a proud woman from the Pitjintjara/Yungkuntjara Nation.

Lillian is one of Australia's leading actors and studied acting, dance and drama at the Port Pirie Ballet School, NIDA, NAISDA, the EORA Centre and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, NY. She has had feature roles in numerous films including in Baz Luhrmann’s highly acclaimed Australia. She has extensive credits in television including The Secret Life of Us and, most recently, thirteen episodes of the children’s drama series Double Trouble, produced by the Nine Network, Disney and Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association.

Lillian has played leading roles in many successful theatre productions including Mereki the Peacemaker, Conversations with The Dead, Black Mary — Festival of Dreaming, Gunjies, Capricornia and recently Rainbow’s End. Lillian is trained in classical, modern, jazz ballet and traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island dance.

In her own words…

Ten years ago, I tried to help a friend of mine, a Yamaji woman from Western Australia, who could not afford to travel home to say goodbye to her mother, who had just passed. The clock was ticking. It was Friday afternoon. We called charity after charity…but no one helped.

That day started me on a journey to create a Foundation to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, in financial hardship, make one of the most important Spiritual journeys of their life.

Now, The Lillian Crombie Foundation (TLCF) is a reality. We are a registered charity with DGR status, which means donations are tax deductible.

The Foundation will provide support to those in most need to travel home for the funerals of loved ones and provide vital assistance to low income families to prevent Sorry Business related debt.

I believe that being able to attend the funeral of a loved one is a basic human right.

Join us to support the journey!

Lillian Crombie

Lillian Crombie

Lillian (Founder and Chairperson) is a proud Pitjintjara/Yungkuntjara woman from South Australia. She is an internationally celebrated actress and performer with a passion for helping others in need.

Emelda Davis

Emelda has dedicated her life’s work  to community development with a particular focus on Indigenous and Australian South Sea Islander capacity building in education, training, media, and marketing. Emelda has worked for Federal and State Governments as well as community and grassroots organisations.

Louise Meek

Louise is an internationally award winning filmmaker and communications expert, producing commercial and educational media content for government agencies and television. She has worked extensively in the Not for Profit arena and in supporting indigenous communities in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Denise Newham

Denise has worked in community services in Australia and in the USA for the past 30 years. She has Aboriginal and Cherokee ancestry, dating back to the first Stolen Generations. Denise’s personal journey has led her to be a passionate advocate for all Stolen Generations.